Hair Transplant Training Course

Hair Transplant Training contains :

  • Theoretical and Practical training
  • Best Doctors and Trainers
  • Support of trainees after the course
  • Accredited certificate
  • Newest techniques
  • Fair Prices
hair transplant training course

Hair Transplant Course :

At the institute, we provide innovative training and quality education for hair transplant course. Due to the development of medical services and the number of doctors and trained experts in the field of hair transplantation, educational fees have become much cheaper in Iran rather than in other countries. In the hair transplant course, the latest hair transplant techniques are taught. Our course covers all standard aspects of hair transplantation, both theoretical and practical. The training for graduate doctors, technicians, nurses and other paramedical fields contains hands-on training on real patients.

Our training are set according to our trainees needs, courses start from a usual lecture in order for trainees to know basic subjects about hair and hair transplant and the last technology and newest methods and plans in order not only for them to become hair transplant experts but to master the procedure and be able to perform as well as they can.

Whether you were a surgeon, doctor, dermatologist or a nurse, the best way to learn is to observe first and practice later, this only will make you able to do operations by yourself.

The Tehran health training academy is dedicated to providing a high level of training to medical professionals whether they are in hair transplant field and want to improve their skills.

By the end of your training, you will receive an accredited certificate that proves your attending, after passing an exam that will decide your qualification and abilities.

About our hair transplant clinic:

Health and aesthetics have been serious and sensitive issues for all people all over the time.Providing service in areas that include both aesthetics and health, requires a great knowledge. We are always researching and following the developments in the world. With the rooms that are equipped with the latest and most complete technology, to provide services and educate trainees for their aim.

The Course Topics


It starts with a detailed explanation of hair anatomy, hair types, various and newer techniques, as the training relies on the use of the most innovative techniques in this field, and 90% of the practice, at every stage of the intervention, in this way you will
definitely not miss any details.

 For trainees without a medical background :

the training begins with a training course, they will also attend the operations and will be explained in every step of the hair transplant process.


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Official license of Ministry of Health and Medical Educations of the Islamic Republic of Iran

The most authoritative license in the field of medical and paramedical education
In addition to managing and overseeing the country's health care centers, the ministry manages medical universities

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Official license of The Vocational Education and Training Organization of the country

To achieve the latest in science and technology and in line with international standards,we are registered with the International Labor Organization (ILO) and the International Organization for Vocational Training.

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